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Pollen Is Only One Form of Indoor Air Contamination

Ahhh, Spring; Ahhh, Pollen; Ahh-choo!

Spring is the favorite time of year for many.  It seems that nature has reawakened.  Suddenly we go from the dark, sullen days of Winter to the beautiful, vibrant days of Spring.  The problem, of course is that all those new blooms mean pollen.  It covers the cars and the walkways.  It covers your windows and screens.  You bring it in from outside on your shoes and clothing and all of a sudden, everyone in the household is sneezing.

There are many other allergens and contaminants that get into your home, not just in Spring, but all year.  There is cigarette smoke.  Of course, these days most people go outdoors to smoke but the residue adheres to their clothing, hair and skin and comes back into the house.  Our little, furry balls of love we call pets are a huge source of poor indoor air quality.  Pet dander is one of the most serious allergens we encounter.  Not to mention skin cells sloughed off the human occupants and dust mites and household products that we spray into the air.

Strategies to Control Indoor Air Pollution

If you have lived in your home for five or more years, it would probably be a good idea to have your air ducts professionally cleaned, especially if you have pets.  This will remove any heavy areas of pollen, dander and dust.

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Things you can do yourself, or hire someone to do for you are thorough weekly dusting and vacuuming.   Vacuuming in a household with pets is particularly crucial to remove dander and fur.  Vacuuming does not mean only the floors.  It also means upholstery, pillows and cushions.  This should be done every day or two in a household where family members are bothered with allergies.   You may even want to vacuum your mattress when you change the linens.

There is no way to keep air pollution from your home, but keeping windows closed and following the ideas above will go a long way to helping stop the sneezing.

You can also call Custom Maid at our Virginia Beach office and we will send a thorough team to dust and vacuum for you.  Of course, we also scrub and sanitize bathrooms and kitchens.  We can be reached at 499-8568.

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