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A Control Freak Builds a New Addition In Virginia Beach

I Am a Control Freak

I confess, I am something of a control freak.  In my blog from December 2nd ( I described the excavation required to lay the foundation.  Well, it’s still a muddy mess out there, but I now have exterior walls and a plywood roof.  Today they are installing the door and windows.  It’s exciting to see the progress being made, but as a woman with some control issues I want the work to go faster.  I’m very organized,  I see in my mind just how things should be done.  Whether it’s cleaning a house or building an addition, I can see through the proverbial clutter and know very clearly just what should happen next.  Unfortunately, men are in charge of this project.

I Want to Take Control

I may have missed my calling.  I think I should have been a contractor so I could be in control.  I watch when too many workers are brought in and three end up standing around waiting for their turn to do their thing.  I would find something for them to do, or not have them show up until they are needed.  I would do so many things at the same time.   Why can’t the roof be worked on while the windows are being installed?  Maybe there is a reason, but I can’t figure out what it is.  I was told the job would take about three months give or take.  So in my mind I figure it will take 6 months give or take.

Over the course of thirty years in the residential cleaning business in Tidewater, I can’t tell you how many times a client will call me and say she needs to put off her cleanings for two weeks while the bathroom (for example) is being remodeled.  Three months later, the job is still not finished.  I can only hope that kind of thing does not happen to this control freak!!