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My New Addition Continues to Grow

The Addition Is Coming Along

Last week a bunch of workers came and excavated my yard to an extent that I had not actually expected.  I have a large yard for a townhouse.  I’m in an end unit with a pie shaped back yard and the long side of the pie slice is 110 feet.  I have two old growth oak trees in the yard that were left when the land was cleared originally.  I used to have reasonably nice landscaping.  Now I am the proud owner of a mud pit and many of my bushes are history.  It turns out that when putting   on an addition you need several different pieces of heavy equipment.  They run over everything in their path.  And the lawn/dirt is many, many feet outside of the footprint of the addition.

First Came the Foundation

The foundation required excavating down several feet into the dirt.  Then five or six guys laid the cinder block foundation.  Now there is a ditch between the yard and the foundation.  Many of you may be saying yes, of course there is.  Being unacquainted with anything to do with building, I am surprised.

Then it rained for three days and then there was the holiday.  So I will need to slow down my expectations about when my addition will be completed.

The Addition Is Now Framed

A tot ally different crew came Saturday to build the “box”.  It turns out that is just the wood on top of the foundation.  It only took about an hour and a half.  Monday (whole new crew) the framing went up.  Now I can see where the bathroom will be and how big the bedroom will be.  My only problem is that I desperately want to climb up into the addition so I can stand in the bedroom etc.  But I’d kill myself trying to do that so I’ll have to wait for them to break through into my existing house before I can actually walk into the addition.  I’ll keep you posted!