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Virginia Beach Housecleaning Company Learns a Lot at ARCSI Convention

Conventions Mean Different Things to Different People

You always see stories of people who attend conventions in exotic places and the reason they attend in the first place is to go to the exotic location.  They spend their time on the beach or the slopes or at the pool and little, if any, time at the convention.  The cleaning companies who attend the annual ARCSI (Association of Residential Cleaning Services International) convention are a different breed.  We come from far and wide to semi-exotic locations like Orlando or Las Vegas.  I represented Custom Maid at the ARCSI ( convention in Orlando last week.  I spent the entire week attending seminars, round tables and other educational events.  I networked until I had a bruise on the back of my right hand from shaking so many hands!

Custom Maid will be celebrating 30 years in business this coming May.  You might think I already knew everything there is to know about running a housecleaning company.  But every time I attend a convention, I never fail to come home with at least three great new ideas.

Business Owners Need to Learn to Use Technology to Grow

I sat in amazement listening to speaker after speaker tell me what technology could do for me.  Before long, when your maids arrive to clean your home, they will not be carrying paper work orders.  They will have a tablet with each customer’s specific information.  They will notify the office when they arrive at each destination throughout the day and when they leave each place.  They will have GPS locators so they will never be lost again going from neighborhood to neighborhood.

And now I need to wrap my mind around something called the cloud…