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Teacher Appreciation Week

If You Can Read This, Thank a Teacher!

I saw in the news that this is Teacher Appreciation Week.  It seems to me that such an important vocation should get more than just a week.  After 12 years of public school and 4 years of college, I’ve seen a representative cross-section of teachers.  Starting with Miss Kinirey for kindergarten, I was always the kid who fell in love with her teacher each year.

Back in the day, kindergarten consisted of playing with blocks and singing songs and taking naps.  The one learning experience I remember from that year is that we churned butter. Miss O’Neill taught me the alphabet and “See Spot Run”  in first grade.  My fifth grade teacher,  Miss Seekamp gave me the foundation for being really adept at picking up languages. Chesapeake VA, Chesapeake Virginia, Norfolk VA, Norfolk Virginia That’s because all year long we diagrammed sentences.  I don’t know if kids are taught that skill any longer, but in my life it has been priceless.  At the time, I rolled my eyes more than once!

Teachers in Middle School Have a Tough Job

I had a difference of opinion with my 7th grade home ec teacher. She told me that I had better marry well so I could afford to buy my clothing, for if I had to sew my own I would be in dire straits.  I can’t remember her name as hard as I try, but she brought out the stubbornness in me and I made many of my own clothes throughout high school and college.

I also encountered my least favorite teacher in middle school (we called it junior high.)  My 7th grade science teacher, Mr. Malia left a lot to be desired.  Oh well.

High School Teachers Really Shape Our Future

I owe my college career to a pair of great women I had teach me French (Marilyn Magnoli) and German (Karla Schmeltzer).  They gave me such a solid foundation in those subjects that I started at the 300 level classes when I got to college and sailed right through to graduation with a degree in French and a minor in German.  (I even got my teaching credentials, though never taught.  Probably a good thing for the youth of Virginia Beach!)

Take this opportunity to think back over your education and think kind thoughts about the men and women who worked so hard to turn you into the person you are today!  Maybe send an apple to your kid’s teacher this week.

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Editor’s Note:  We originally published this article in May 2014.  We have edited it for freshness, accuracy and comprehensiveness.