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Safety Tips For Trick or Treating

Trick or Treating Can Be a Blast, But Be Careful

Halloween is a few days away and the kiddies are all atwitter about what costume they want to wear.  Some parents make a trip to the local Halloween shop and buy a pre-made costume.  Others do the home made thing which runs the gamut from a simple mask to elaborate creations.  Regardless of the costume, the whole point of Halloween trick or treating is, of course, collecting candy, the more, the better!

Parents need to take care during this festive holiday.  Costumes should be visible in the dark with reflective material.  You can also get glow in the dark necklaces so the trick or treaters will be seen by cars etc.  Younger kids should always be accompanied by a parent or other adult. The adult should wait at the edge of the property so they can still see the kiddies but the kids can feel like they are on their own.

If your neighborhood does not contain many homes, you might want to put the kids in the car and do trick or treating in the neighborhood of a relative or close friend.  That way you can use their home as a base for tired kids and potty breaks.

You may also want to choose a neighborhood with lots of kids out and about doing trick or treating.  A neighborhood with lots of decorations will also be a good choice.

And one more thing:  When the kids get back from trick or treating, they may decide to watch a scary Halloween movie on TV.  Be sure you are familiar with the level of scariness.  You don’t want the little ones to wake up with nightmares.Chesapeake Va, Chesapeake Virginia, Norfolk VA, Norfolk Virginia, Virginia Beach VA, Virginia Beach Virginia

No Candy or Treats Until a Parent Checks It Out

Do not allow the children to eat any candy or treats until they get home and a parent has inspected the “take”.  To be safe, do not let the kids eat any treats that appear to be home-made like cookies or bags with smaller goodies like candy corn etc.  Some hospitals are willing to X-ray candy on Halloween night for free to be totally safe.

If the kids collect candy you are unfamiliar with, be sure to read the ingredient label to check for things that could trigger allergies.

Halloween Reminiscences

I still remember the first time my grandkids went trick or treating.  They were 2 and a half.  William was Superman and Emily was a unicorn.  They needed to be lifted up to reach most door bells!  And William would say “trick or treat, I don’t like chocolate and I’m allergic to peanuts!”  Those were the days!!!

As a child myself (in the ’50s) we had fewer concerns about safety.  We always went around in a group with maybe one or two parents.  Everyone knew which houses had good stuff.  We also knew to avoid the neighborhood dentist who gave out toothbrushes!

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Editor’s Note:  We originally published this article in October 2013.  We have edited it for accuracy, freshness and comprehensiveness.