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Remember All Your Taxes When You File

It’s Time to File Your Taxes

It’s April.  That means Spring, the end of March Madness, the beginning of the baseball season, pollen in the air and filing taxes.  If you are one of those organized individuals, then you have all your information in one place.  Your receipts are orderly. Your expenses are categorized and you are ready to fill out your tax forms.

Or, perhaps you are the dump everything in a shoebox kind of tax filer.  At tax time you pull your hair out trying to get organized.  I’m somewhere in between, to be honest.  But I always get my taxes filed by the deadline.

What About 1099 Tax Forms?

Do you hire people to help you around the house during the year?  Perhaps a neighborhood fellow takes care of your yard work. Maybe you have an individual come every week to do your house cleaning.  If those people are on their own and not part of an actual business, then you are their employer.  As such, you must file a 1099 for each of them by January 31st each year.

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Then, you must withhold taxes, social security and Medicare from their weekly or monthly paychecks.  This money must be sent to the IRS with the proper paper work, probably on a quarterly basis.

All this tax stuff is another great reason not to hire an individual, but rather an up and up business.  This means the business has the responsibility of withholding taxes and filing paperwork.

The business should have also done a background check on their employee and may have done a drug screening.  The business will have insurance on their employee in case of on the job injury.  Slip and fall injuryThis is known as workers’ comp insurance.  Without workers’ comp, a simple slip and fall in your home would be a claim on your homeowner’s policy.

You should know that Custom Maid files all federal tax forms for its employees.  We do background checks and drug screenings.  We carry workers’ comp insurance on all employees. So hiring Custom Maid to do your weekly cleaning not only frees you up from the house cleaning tasks, but also all the tax forms necessary when hiring an individual.  Call Custom Maid at 499-8568 to “take the load off” your shoulders.  Why file more tax forms than you need to?

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  1. Great reminder, Alison. There’s a reason why the up and up business charges more than the private individual. There is a real cost to hiring outside services – will you pay for it via your homeowner’s insurance if there’s an accident with injury, breakage of valuables, etc., or will the service-provider? Will you lose your coverage or see your premiums skyrocket? The thoughtful homeowner considers this and more when they look for a professional service company.