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Now is the Time to Clean Your Bird Bath for Spring

Bird Baths are in Need of Spring Cleaning

It’s been a long mild winter for us people, but it’s still hard for the birds.  My daffodils popped up several weeks ago and are now in their full glory all over town, and increasingly I hear the birds are back in town.  Their sweet chirping is waking me up in the morning.  But what about the bird baths?  It’s time for us to clean the yuck of winter out of the bird baths so the birds can enjoy a safe relaxing soaking!

First, tip the whole bath over to remove any standing water.  It will be necessary to scrub it with a firm bristled scrub brush.  If the inside is not getting clean with just water, it is ok to use a very mild sudsy solution to be sure the surface is totally clean.  Then it’s time to completely rinse the soapy surfaces of the bird bath to remove all hints to the suds.  We don’t want the birds to get a bubble bath!Chesapeake, VA, Chesapeake, Virginia, Norfolk, VA, Norfolk, Virginia

Bird Baths Need Ongoing Maintenance

Now that your bird bath is nice and clean, it will need regular cleanings.  Once each week, dump the dirty water from the bath, scrub it and replace the water.  This routine task will be much easier when done on a weekly basis.  Another reason it is important to keep the water in your bird baths clean is to avoid mosquitos from breeding.

Another hint that may or may not work is to put several copper pennies in the water to keep the algae from growing.Now you can take a seat on the backyard deck, grab a good book and watch your feathered neighbors. While you are relaxing, Custom Maid would love to come by to do your weekly housecleaning chores.  Just call us at 499-8568 and our friendly office staff will answer all your questions.

Have a wonderful Spring season!

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Editor’s Note:  We originally published this article in March 2014.  We have edited it for freshness, accuracy and comprehensiveness.



  1. I love your picture of the bluebird–my favorite! Will try the penny idea too. I wonder if the newest issues still have real copper? Thanks for the Spring-y idea.