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It’s National Chocolate Chip Day, Let’s Celebrate!!!

Chocolate is Everybody’s Favorite Food


Ever since I was a kid,(and I’ll bet ever since you were a kid too) I have always loved chocolate and what better form to get that tasty treat than by way of chocolate chips.  The sweet morsels just melt in your mouth and a small handful goes a long way.  You can make the joy spread out!  Mrs. Kay’s Toll House Restaurant invented chocolate chip cookies over a hundred years ago and I think that if polled, chocolate chip cookies might just be the American favorite like apple pie and baseball.

Chips can flavor all manner of food other than cookies.  In pancakes, they are sublime, in cakes, coffee cakes, brownies, muffins, donuts, bagels, ice cream and more they just sing with their ooey gooeyness.  They have spawned  many other iterations like mini chips, chunks, butterscotch chips, and toffee chips.  Though no matter what other choices there are, absolutely nothing can beat a Toll House cookie right out of the oven.  When you pull it apart, the chocolate is still all melty good and the cookie is moist and chewy.  I’m definitely a fan of chewy cookies.  With crunchy cookies, I think you lose a lot of the character of the chips.  Everything needs to come together in one perfect bite of cookie dough that is filled with butter and brown sugar and the very simple yet elegant chocolate chip.  I will say that I have transferred my loyalty from the semi sweet standard version to the dark chocolate morsels.  Plus doctors say that dark chocolate is actually good for you (in small doses)!