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It’s National Nurses Week

Nurses Deserve Our Thanks

Nurses have a really tough job.  They deal with patients who are not at their best.  Some are sick, some are recovering from some kind of surgical procedure.  Some will get better and go home and some will not.  It is the nurse’s job to care for all with the same level of professionalism.  How difficult it must be to care for a sick child, for instance.  The nurse must maintain his or her professional demeanor while comforting the patient or sometimes when causing pain to the patient as when they administer injections.

Nurses work long, crazy shifts.  During my recent hospitalization, my nurse was working 12 hour shifts while managing the care of several patients with differing needs.  Also, not all patients are charming when they are sick.  The patient may be afraid or angry or unaware of the surroundings and the nurses have to identify each emotion and deal with each patient individually.

Nurses Study for Years to Earn Their RN

In order to earn the BSN degree which combines a Bachelor of Science with an RN designation, nurses study for four years.  They take regular courses and also work in teaching hospitals caring for patients under the tutelage of other RNs.  It takes a long time and a lot of hard work to become a nurse.

So the next time a nurse takes your blood pressure or administers a shot or just comforts you when you are sick, remember to say a big, sincere thank you!