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Ironing Doesn’t Need to Be Drudgery

Ironing is Not High on the Priority List

There are many tasks we need to accomplish during an average day or week.  We keep the kitchen clean and dust/vac to keep the dust at bay.  Laundry is either a daily or weekly job depending on the size of our household.  Unfortunately, at the end of the laundry comes the MOST dreaded task of all: ironing.  I know many people who throw the clothes that need ironing into a basket to do later.  I am one of those people.  Actually, I tend to buy things that will not need to be ironed.  I’ll admit that there are some days when my clothes look a little less than perfect, but I am willing to live with that.

Some Tips to Make Ironing Easier

You probably know many of these tips.  You also probably ignore many of them.  When drying your clothes, don’t pack the dryer too full.  Give the clothes room to fluff up.  Set your dryer to a setting called something like less dry or damp dry.  Remove your clothing as soon as the dryer stops.  Leaving clean clothes in the dryer overnight (or for a week) will cause wrinkles to set in.  On the off chance that you do allow your clothes to sit too long, just throw a damp wash cloth in with the dry clothes and run the dryer for a few minutes.  The dampness will revive the clothes.

When you remove items from the dryer, give them a good shake and if you are not going to iron them, then hang or fold neatly and remember to smooth the wrinkles out with your hands.  Things that will be ironed should be hung on a hanger until ironing day.  This will make for less drudgery when you do the ironing.  modern iron

Modern Irons Do Lots of the Work for You

The irons on the market these days are way better than they used to be.  It pays to spend a little more for modern features like steaming.  Look at the sole plate (bottom) of the iron.  You want one that is covered with holes to let steam out.  If there is just a line of holes around the perimeter of the sole plate, don’t buy it.  Rowenta irons are slightly more expensive but worth every penny.  They do not sputter and spit water at your clean clothes.  You can hang an item on a rack and press the steam function and the wrinkles will disappear without even touching the fabric.  The steam function is fabulous!  A good iron will make the whole task so much easier.

Remember, my number one tip is DON’T leave clean clothes sitting in the dryer.  Get them out as soon as the dryer stops and your life will be so much easier!

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