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Insomnia Is Not a Funny Thing

All of a Sudden, I Have Insomnia

One thing I have always been really good at is sleeping.  Loud noises don’t wake me up.  All my life I have had to be up early for work so early to bed was a necessity.  Now that I’m mostly retired, I can allow my own “body clock” to determine what time I go to sleep and when I wake.  My pattern, surprisingly to me,  has become to stay up late and sleep in.  I enjoy both ends of that development and most nights I stay up until midnight or later.

Just lately, however, I’ve been dealing with insomnia.  Other family members have suffered from insomnia for their whole lives, but not me.  As I’ve said, I’ve always been a world class sleeper.  Now it is 7:22 AM and I haven’t been to sleep yet.  If my pattern follows, I will actually sleep well tonight.

It’s Eerie To Be Awake At 3:00 AM

At that time the whole world, except those of us with insomnia, is asleep.  It is dark.  TV has nothing to offer other than Nick at Night and home shopping.  Tonight I knit about a foot or more on the afghan I’m working on.  I’m exhausted, but when I turned out the lights at 12:30 and was still awake at 2:45 I gave up and turned the lights back on figuring I should just stay up.

You learn a lot on early morning TV.  They play clips from SNL. You get run downs on all the weekend’s NFL games.  Human interest stories this morning included a story about the Summit in Australia with photos of President Obama holding a koala.  I know what the weather is going to be all over the country.  And finally Starbucks opened and the Today Show came on.  The world is finally awake.

I can’t wait for tonight…