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How Much Does Professional House Cleaning Cost?

More often than not the first question we are asked is “How much will it cost to have my home cleaned?” 

There really is no set answer however I will try to give you some guidelines… a rough estimate so to speak. 

When determining  your actual rate though, here are some of the many factors involved:

  • Size of your home (Sq. ft and # of rooms)
  • Number of people living in your home
  • Amount of dusting involved
  • Frequency of cleaning
  • Pets

In the Virginia Beach area the average size home rate for every other week cleaning is somewhere between $120-140.  Homes on the larger side or with high-end finishes will have increased rates. 

Wondering what your cleaning rate would be?

Once we have an idea of the scope of your cleaning needs we can give you a general ball-park rate.

A general guideline for home size and an every other week cleaning in the Hampton Roads area is as follows:

  • 2 bed/ 1 bath - $80-$100
  • 3 bed/ 2 bath - $100-$120
  • 4 bed/ 2.5 bath - $120-$140
  • 5 bed/ 3 bath - $140-$160

Keep in mind that the initial cleaning will take longer and is priced slightly higher.

What About Tipping?

Tipping your cleaning team is not expected. However, if you feel that your cleaners have gone above and beyond your expectations, a tip is always appreciated.

Some clients tip after each cleaning and others tip around the holidays. Giving a tip is totally up to you and keep in mind your tip goes to directly to your cleaners and not to the company.

Is an in-home estimate required?

We find it best to do an in-home estimate.  Each home is different so in order to be fair to all involved we like to visit your home.  We also find it the best way to begin our relationship with you!

However, if schedules don’t permit this visit, we can arrange pricing with our ball-park rate and confirm once the cleaners arrive at your home.

Remember, we are here to make your life easier….not harder!