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Housecleaning Will Give You a Great Workout

Housecleaning is Hard Physical Work

It’s Monday.  You and (hopefully) the family have completed the weekend housecleaning and you have a wonderful sense of accomplishment along with some sore muscles.  Of course, that accomplishment will disintegrate over the course of the week and you will find yourself spending Saturday or Sunday doing the same thing all over again.

Now imagine that your job is housecleaning.  You and your partner will clean three or four houses a day, five days a week.  Obviously this job is not for everyone.  It takes a very special person to be able to do that kind of job day in, day out for years.  Custom Maid is very lucky to have many employees on our staff who have been working with us for five years and up to eighteen years.

These hard working individuals come to work every morning with a smile on their face.  They enjoy their job because they understand that they are giving our clients some very important gifts.  These gifts include time to spend with the family, a healthy environment in which to raise their children and the comfy feeling of knowing their surroundings are clean and shiny all at the same time.

What Does It Take to Do Housecleaning As a Job?

First, it takes good physical health.  Imagine vacuuming 12 bedrooms, 4 family rooms, 4 living rooms and 4 dining rooms in one day.  Not an easy task.  Can you feel it in your shoulders?  Guess how many stairs are climbed in the course of a week of this.  It would add up to well over 1000!  And let’s not forget that housecleaning means bathroom cleaning.  In an average week my stellar staff will clean somewhere between 60 and 75 toilets per team!

The Perks Outweigh the Down Side

When you do housecleaning as a job, you will to stand back once the job is complete and feel good because you just made a home sparkle.  You picture the family coming home that night and feeling great in a clean space.  And best of all you don’t have to stay and watch it get dirty again!  At Custom Maid, we are a team, a family.  Custom Maid has an excellent company culture.  Do you want to work in a place where you are appreciated and paid well?

If you have what it takes to do housecleaning as a job, call Custom Maid at 499-8568.

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Editor’s Note: We originally published  this post in March 2015 and we have updated  it for freshness, accuracy and comprehensiveness.