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Holiday Craziness Made Simpler

The Holiday Season is One Thing After Another

Holiday time is wonderful, and awful all at once.  There is so much to do and it all begins a week or so after Hallowe’en.  That makes about 8 weeks of non-stop craziness.  There is the activity surrounding Thanksgiving which is my personal favorite holiday.  Bringing the family together for a great meal and lots of good conversation really satisfies something in me.  You should know that I am NOT a cook.  I HATE cooking.  But I can put together a perfect, literally perfect Thanksgiving feast.    It involves about four or five big grocery shopping trips, baking dozens of cookies, and preparing the house for company.  I’ll come back to that one in a minute.

The Hanukkah and Christmas Holiday Season is Frantic

In many ways, Thanksgiving is much easier than Christmas.  After all, it’s only one day, one meal (not counting left overs), no gifts.  Christmas begins in earnest on Black Friday which has now expanded to include late afternoon on Thanksgiving day.  For shopping, I recommend doing it as early as possible.  Maybe July.  You won’t find that perfect cashmere sweater or those great riding boots then, but you will encounter limited crowds and the stores bring out Fall things in mid-summer.

House Cleaning Price Estimate

Planning ahead means shopping with a list.  Lists are your friends.  Have a to do list of small tasks around the house, a grocery list and a gift list.  There is no reason you can’t cross cranberry sauce off your list in August.  Get the little used guest rooms prettied up in September.  When you buy gifts early, wrap as you go.  I think it’s ok to use gift bags which look nice and are so much easier than actually wrapping.

Deck the Halls

Now that you have fulfilled your lists, it’s time to decorate for your holiday season.  But wait!  After spending so much time on your lists,  your house cleaning has been a little neglected.  Never fear, Custom Maid to the rescue!  Call us at 757-499-8568 We will send you a team of two thoroughly trained elves (house cleaning technicians)  to make your Christmas home sparkle.  We will leave your home ready to be decorated and in ship shape condition.

Make a New Year’s Resolution

I think a great New Year’s resolution is to hire Custom for regular weekly, bi-weekly or monthly service.  Or you could drop a few hints when your loved ones ask what you want for Christmas…

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