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Custom Maid Helps Local Cancer Patients

Cancer is Devastating

A diagnosis of cancer changes your life forever and it invades every part of your daily living.  When a woman is diagnosed with  cancer, she and her entire family go through dozens of emotions in a moment: fear, depression, worry followed by determination and hope.  Many great programs  help a woman beat her diagnosis .  She may have surgery, followed by chemo and sometimes radiation.  Her illness is foremost in her mind and the treatments can be physically debilitating.  She stops normal daily activity  and the entire family revolves around the comfort of the patient.

One part of daily life that suffers when a family is coping with cancer is house cleaning chores.  Before long, the house is in disarray and this adds to the depression and anxiety of the cancer patient.

Cleaning for a Reason to the Rescue

In 2006 a caring woman in Dallas had a brilliant idea.  She owns a house cleaning service in that area.  She lost a client who said she could no longer afford the service due to a financial situation created by her cancer.  This gave Debbie Sardone the seed of an idea that became Cleaning for a Reason.  Debbie began a non-profit foundation to provide FREE cleanings to women undergoing treatment.  She has been featured in such national platforms as the Oprah Winfrey show, Readers Digest and People Magazine.  Her foundation fulfills a distinct need for cancer patients. Treatments weaken a woman and she watches her home getting more and more dusty and cluttered.  While her family wants to help, they don’t think of cleaning. They are focused on the patient.

Custom Maid Helps Local Cancer Patients

Custom Maid is proud to be one of over one thousand cleaning companies across the US and Canada.  We provide FREE cleaning to cancer patients in their area.  In the 10 years since its inception, Cleaning for a Reason has provided over 17,000 free cleanings across the country.

If you or a friend or family member is undergoing treatment for cancer, contact Cleaning for a Reason. They will assign a member company to your loved one.  She will receive four free cleanings, one each month for four months, to get her through the treatment period.

Custom Maid is proud to be giving back to the community in this way.  If we can help you, or a loved one, call us at 757-499-8568 or Cleaning for a Reason at 877-337-3348.