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Computers Need Gentle Cleaning

Computers Are Often Neglected

Many times, I think, people neglect cleaning their computers for fear of shorting something out or damaging what they see as a fragile piece of equipment.  Actually computers need regular cleaning just like other items in the household.  First and foremost, before you begin cleaning your computer, close all applications then turn it off and unplug it.  You might want to start with the keyboard.  Mine often has dust and crumbs lurking between the keys.  First thing to do is to turn it over and “dump” it out.  Then I use a can of compressed air that can be bought at any office supply store.  This will blow out any stubborn crumbs from between the keys.  The keys themselves are frequently dingy from dirty fingertips.  The keys can be cleaned with a solution of rubbing alcohol and water.  Use this solution sparingly so as not to get water under the keys.

Other components of your computers may be a printer, a tower, a scanner among others.  Wipe each one with a soft microfiber cloth and use the alcohol and water solution where necessary.  Use a vacuum with a small dusting attachment to remove dust from the backs of computer components.

Laptop computers are no different, really.  Just be sure to turn it off and unplug it.

How to Handle the Monitor

Monitors on computers have static electricity so they attract dust to the screen.  You should never, ever spray any cleaning liquid directly at the screen.  Also never use paper towels or tissues as they are too abrasive.  Instead, use a microfiber cloth sprayed lightly with a special screen cleaner from the office supply store.  You don’t want to rub too hard on the screen, especially an LCD screen.  Wipe from top to bottom in one continuous stroke and continue across until the entire screen is clean.  No scrubbing!

The good news is that if you take good care of your computers they will last for years and years.  The bad news is it will be obsolete probably before you have it out of the store!!

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