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Cleaning With Microfiber Cloths

What Exactly Is Microfiber?

Microfiber is a space age invention.  It is a cloth that contains billions of microscopic fibers that will act as tiny scoops to remove dirt and more from your hard surfaces.  The average microfiber is so small that that it would take 50 to 100 of them to equal the size of a human hair.  The fibers are formulated to actually attract or stick to dirt particles.  We used to refer to cloths used to clean as “cleaning rags”.  These cloths had fibers so big that they just skipped right over the dirt and left some behind.  Microfiber cloths attract particles so tiny that they even pick up bacteria and pollen.  Most do not have fibers small enough to pick up viruses.

Microfiber Cloths Are a Part of Green Cleaning

One of the biggest advantages of these new cloths is that they work so powerfully all by themselves that you do not need to use chemicals with them.  When you clean with old fashioned cleaning cloths made of cotton, you must use a chemical to get the job done.  You spray the chemical onto the cloth but some of it is aerosolized and hangs in the air.  When you launder the cloth, then that chemical goes into the water supply.  Cleaning chemicals cause allergies and skin issues.

When you clean with microfiber cloths, you do not need chemicals.  The cloths do the job all by themselves.  For dusting, use the cloths totally dry.  The tiny fibers will attach themselves to the dirt and remove it from the surface.  Other applications will require the  cloth to be slightly moistened with plain water.  Water, all by itself, is a wonderful cleaner.  It attracts dirt like a magnet since each water molecule has a positive and a negative end.  It acts like a magnet.  Unlike plain cloths and feather dusters, microfiber cloths do not just relocate the dirt, they remove the dirt!

How to Use Microfiber for Cleaning

Use your cloth dry for dusting.  Purchase several different colors and designate a different color for each area of the house.  Perhaps green for the kitchen, pink for the bathroom etc.  This will prevent cross contamination.  When you clean a sticky kitchen counter you should spray a small amount of water onto the cloth.  Do not saturate it.  The water, combined with the microfibers will make the counter squeaky clean.

Another plus when using these cloths is that they will save you money that you used to spend on chemicals.  The cloths can be laundered in hot water, but do not use bleach.

For dirty windows, remove the heavy dirt and pollen with soap and water and a cotton cloth.  Squeegee the surface until it is almost dry.  Wait for the glass to be dry then polish it shiny clean with your microfiber.  You will have the most sparkly windows in the neighborhood.

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  1. The one thing I would add is that hard water won’t work as well as say, distilled water. This is because the attracting poles are already attached to minerals in the water. Microfiber cloths are a wonderful new tool in the cleaning arsenal.