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What Do Acorns Have to Do With Adventures? Take the Kids on an Adventure!! (Part Five)

Acorns…What Do They Have to Do With an Adventure?

So you have finally decided to hire a professional to clean your home.  Now you have a lot more free time to spend with the kids.  But after you take them to the beach and to Busch Gardens and Water Country then what???  When my grandkids were younger, like pre-school age, I used to invent adventures for them.  One of the best adventures ever was hunting for acorns in the Fall.  There is a nice little kids play place upstairs at Lynnhaven Mall.  Better yet, the escalators are a true adventure!  The kids liked to go up and down in continuous loops over and over again all the while giggling uncontrollably.

Summer is Almost Over!

Acorns are a wonderful and long lasting adventure.  As soon as they begin to fall, and that will be any day now,  my yard is literally covered with them due to four huge oak trees.  I would give each child a shopping bag and they also would take their red and yellow push dump truck out in the yard and “search” for acorns.  The three of us would crawl around the yard to find the perfect ones.  Any with tops missing were rejected.  Any acorns with squirrel nibble were rejected.

Then, of course we had to bring them inside, spread them out on the floor and count them!  Acorns galore!!!  Some years are better than others.  One year, as a matter of fact, the oak trees were so prolific that my deck was totally covered with big fat acorns.  Other years it is truly a hunt for them.  Even though the kids are now past the age of finding an acorn hunt to be worthy of them, (those of you with teens know what I mean) they will smile when I reminisce about those good old days  Go find some acorns and make some smile-worthy memories!.

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Editor’s Note:  We originally published this article in August 2014.  We have edited it for freshness, accuracy and comprehensiveness.