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It’s Time to Tackle Your Crowded Garage

When is the Last Time You Parked in the Garage?

Can you remember back to the day you moved in to your new home?  One of the selling points was that it had a garage.  A garage!!!  From now on you could park your car indoors to keep the finish pristine.  You could protect your car from pollen and especially from birds.

Then life happened.  Slowly but surely the family began accumulating stuff in the wonderful new area.  What a great place to stow things that you don’t want cluttering inside your home!  Then one day you came home from work to find that your car no longer fit into its space.  Too much stuff lay strewn across the area.

Gather the Family and Clear Out the Garage

I think the best time to tackle the garage monster is in the Spring.  Spring is a busy time of year with planting, mowing, spring cleaning etc.  So while you are in the cleaning mode, include the garage.   Chesapeake VA, Chesapeake Virginia, Norfolk VA, Norfolk Virginia

You probably already know some of the general rules of organization.  Make three piles.  One pile should consist of things to be discarded.  Include broken things and worn out things here.  In the second pile, accumulate things that are still usable, but that your family no longer wants or has outgrown.  Donate that pile to a charity.  The third pile will take longer to deal with.  It will consist of things you want to keep.

Organizing the Garage

Make a visit to your local home store.  In their shelving section, you will probably find everything you need to create more space.  Consider a bracket on which to hang a bicycle to get it up off the floor.  Using a pegboard with hooks will keep your tools neatly arrayed.  Find some wall brackets for holding things like rakes and shovels with long handles.  Also, find some narrow metal shelving on which to stack boxes.

By the end of the day, you should be able to drive right into your parking space!

While you are tackling the big areas like your garage, consider turning your weekly or bi-weekly cleaning tasks over to Custom Maid.  Call us at 499-8568 for details.

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