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Why Hire a Team of Maids?

Do You Want a Single Maid or a Team?

Hiring a maid service is not something to take lightly.  There are a lot of things to consider.  One of them is whether you want an individual maid or a team of housecleaners.  I’m not talking about the difference between hiring an individual maid versus a professional cleaning service, but rather does the service send you one person or more than one?  Each has its pros and cons.  Of course one big difference is that two maids will be able to clean your home in less than half the time that it takes one maid.  This means that you “get your home back” much more quickly.  Did you know that two people, for instance, can make a bed four times faster than one person?Chesapeake VA, Chesapeake Virginia, Norfolk VA, Norfolk Virginia

How Does a Two Maid Team Work?

When your maids work as a team, one will most likely be handling the “wet” work (bathrooms and kitchen) and the other will do the “dry” work like dusting and vacuuming.  The nice part about that is that they stay out of each other’s way so each can be totally efficient.  Also whoever did the dusting this week will do the baths and kitchen next week so that both are totally familiar with all areas of your home.  This familiarity means you will get a really personal, excellent cleaning job.

The One Maid System

With a one person plan, you can plan on that person being in your home for several hours up to a whole day.  The housecleaner will be familiar with your home and all your preferences.

The bottom line is either method will give you a professionally cleaned home.  You just need to consider which method will work best for you.  At Custom Maid we have always worked in teams of two.  That way, the team members can check behind each other to be sure your home has been perfectly cleaned.  We hope you’ll give Custom Maid a call at 499-8568 to find out more about weekly or bi-weekly service.

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Editor’s Note:  We originally published this article in October 2013.  We have edited it for freshness, accuracy and comprehensiveness.