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It’s Yard Sale Time in Virginia Beach

Let’s Have a Yard Sale!!

Just last week  Summer arrived in  Virginia Beach.  I wore long pants and long sleeves through most of May.  Now, the weather warrants shorts and flip flops.  It is time to switch out your Spring and Winter clothes for lighter Summer choices.  What better time to have a yard sale to get rid of things not worn in the past year for one reason or another?  As you pull out your Summer things, cull out anything you didn’t wear last year and put it in a yard sale pile.  Do the same with the winter clothing as you put it back in storage.

The More “Stuff” the Better Your Yard Sale Will be

People will drive by your yard sale and if they only see a few things, they will keep on driving.  So scour your home for decorative items, pots and pans, books and CDs that you no longer use and put them in the pile.  Have you stored things in your attic that you haven’t looked at in years?

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Senior Couple Holding Yard Sale

Unless they have a family sentimental meaning, get rid of them.  That is what yard sales are for: to get rid of unwanted, unused things.  Plus you can earn some extra cash in the bargain!

You should have a way to hang as many clothes as possible.  It will be easier for browsers to look through for that one special item. Clothing that you don’t have room to hang should be folded neatly and laid out on blankets or tarps on the lawn or driveway.   Using tables for decorative items and houseware is a good plan.  Some things, like books and CDs are easier to see if they are in boxes or stacked on the tables.  Label the boxes to encourage multiple sales: Books $1.00 or three for $2.00.

Invite Your Neighbors to Participate

If you only have a few items, you could tell your neighbors about the yard sale and invite them to participate.  You’ll need to keep track of who sold what, but that is no big deal. Assign each participant a different color price sticker.  Have one cashier who will keep a running list of which neighbor sold which things.  The bigger the sale, the more customers will be attracted.  Be sure you are ready for the sale.  If your signs say you start at 9:00 AM be ready no later than 8:00.  Yard sale regulars come out early to get their pick of the best stuff.  Be prepared to dicker prices.  It’s part of the fun of a yard sale.

If a yard sale seems too labor intensive for you, you will find a Goodwill collection center at the corner of Princess Anne Road and Edwin Drive.  Also Samaritan House will pick up items.

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Editor’s Note:  We originally published this article in November 2014.  We have edited it for accuracy, freshness and comprehensiveness.