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We Need Your Phone Number In Case of Emergency

A Recent Emergency

A couple of weeks ago, a regular client called to change from her regular cleaning day to a different day for that week.  She has been a client for almost 30 years. We have cleaned through the birth of her daughter, the daughter’s high school graduation and her entry into college.  We grew up with her daughter in a way.  Anyway, the team arrived on her rescheduled day, greeted the customer and went upstairs to begin in the master bedroom and bathroom as we always do.  When they came downstairs about a half hour later, they found the customer on the kitchen floor.  She was non-communicative but awake.  My team rallied themselves and got the emergency under control by calling 911 and then calling the office. Then Penny and Anna knew they had to call the client’s husband but the problem was we didn’t have his phone number.  Though we never go through a client’s papers, this time we had to go through the desk and address book to find his emergency contact phone number.

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The paramedics arrived quickly and determined that the woman was having a stroke and by asking her to squeeze their hand one for yes and two for no, they found out that this was not her first stroke.  The good news in this emergency is that our team reached the husband in time for him to get to the hospital and after about 10 days there, the customer is home and almost good as new!  It was lucky that we were there that day.

All of us at Custom Maid are so proud of Penny and Anna for keeping cool heads during an emergency.  They are true heroes.  And we wish our client a full recovery.Chesapeake VA, Chesapeake Virginia, Norfolk VA, Norfolk Virginia

Why We Need Emergency Phone Numbers

If you have only given us one phone number to put on your account, please give us a call and add your spouse’s daytime contact number as well as any cell numbers you think we might need.  Granted, the above cautionary tale rarely happens, but other emergency situations may come up.  I’m  talking about things like burst pipes, water leaks, overflowing toilets etc.  These are things that need immediate attention.

At the very least we would like to have one phone number for each adult family member.  In the case of our elderly clients, we would like a phone number for an adult child, local if possible.

And next time our heroes, Penny and Anna come to your home,  give them a pat on the back.

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Editor’s Note: We originally published this article in February 2016.  We have edited it for freshness, accuracy and comprehensiveness.