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Ways to Cope in Freezing Cold Weather

Cold Weather is Upon Us

Have you ventured outside lately?  It’s definitely, undoubtedly winter.  This year we are seeing the kind of cold that hasn’t visited Virginia in many, many years. Coping with the cold begins with getting dressed in the morning.  If you will be spending most of the day indoors, it will be easier.  Choose a couple of layers of loose fitting clothing which will keep you warm and which can be removed if it gets really warm inside due to a fireplace or wood stove.  If you will be out of doors, it’s a different story.  Begin with thermal underwear.  This will give you a good solid warm layer.  Again, Choose loose fitting clothing in layers.  Natural fibers like cotton, silk or wool will keep more body heat in and more cold out.

Choosing a Coat

Choosing a coat is of the utmost importance.  Down will provide the best barrier to the cold.  Look for a down coat of between 650 and 800 fill.  The longer, the better.  The coat should have a hood.  Check the zipper area.  You want a flap over it or warmth will escape through the zipper itself.  Sleeves should have tight fitting wrists.  Heavy mittens are warmer than gloves as the fingers will keep each other warm.  Wear a hat under the hood and secure it with a drawstring under the chin.

Of course, the best way to fend off the cold that we have been experiencing is to stay indoors!