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Voting is Coming Up Again in Virginia on June 13th

Didn’t We Just Vote?

The campaign signs from the recent Presidential election have finally disappeared.  We just finished voting and we thought we could breath a little.  Maybe we could watch some TV programs without being interrupted by loud, annoying political ads.  Wrong!  It seems that elections help form the backbone of our democracy.  This year, 2017 is pretty much an off year as far as important statewide elections are concerned. Only two states, New Jersey and Virginia hold elections for statewide offices like Governor, Lieutenant Governor and Attorney General.  That means the eyes of the national media will be looking at our state to see if they can find a trend.

In Virginia, our state constitution limits the Governor  to one four year term, so we must pick a new one every election cycle.  And the excitement begins next week on Tuesday June 13, 2017 with statewide primaries.  This may have caught you by surprise.  That’s why I’m posting this article a whole week ahead so you can do aChesapeake VA, Chesapeake Virginia, Norfolk VA, Norfolk Virginia, Virginia Beach VA, Virginia Beach Virginia little research before you go to the polls.  Voting is terrifically important.  We have three Republicans and Two Democrats who would very much like to be Governor.  The primary voting will determine which Republican and which Democrat will face off on November 7, 2017 in the general election.

Too Many Citizens Don’t Bother With Voting

In the 2013 Gubernatorial election, only 42% of eligible voters managed to get to the polls.  That is a sad detail!  Even in the recent Presidential race, voting was only at 72% of eligible voters.  If you have never registered to vote, I urge you to do so.  It couldn’t be easier.  Go to your local library or DMV and fill out a very easy form.  You will not be charged to register to vote.  You have missed the deadline to register for June 13, but you have plenty of time to get on the voting rolls for this Fall.

The biggest reason that I hear from people I meet about why they do not vote it that they don’t know anything about the candidates. They hate the negative commercials, or they are afraid that if they vote, they will be called for jury duty.  These excuses can all be overcome.  Jurors are called from the lists of licensed drivers.

Go to the Virginia site for elections.  You will find a ton of information on how to register, where to vote, who is running.   If you are truly committed to getting involved in politics, this site will even tell you how to launch your own campaign for public office!  Google Virginia Election 2017  to see a list of who exactly is running.  Then find their website to see how they feel about issues that are important to you.

Voters Are Tired of the Same Old Names

I believe that beginning this year, we will be seeing some new and exciting candidates from both parties.  It doesn’t matter if you are a Republican, a Democrat or neither.  New, younger candidates with new, exciting and inovative ideas will be the future leaders of our country.  We are responsibile, you and I,  to research them, see who we agree with and then at the very least get to the polls to vote for them.  Otherwise, the same old politicians will be handing down the same old, tired ideas.

Don’t be a complacent American.  Our Founding Fathers fought long and hard to establish our democracy.  The armed services have battled all over the globe to preserve our ideals.  If you fail to vote, you are abdicating your responsibility and letting down your fellow Americans.  VOTE!!  Then proudly wear the red, white and blue I Voted sticker!

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