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Vinegar – It’s Not Just For Cole Slaw!

Vinegar Has Many Uses

Common household white vinegar has uses all through your household.  Use it with care.  It is an acid on the pH scale.  This means that whenever you use it, you should test a small out of the way area to be sure it won’t damage an expensive surface.

In the Laundry

When ironing synthetic fabrics like acrylic or nylon, sometimes creases form in the wrong places.  Dampen a washcloth with vinegar. arrange the fabric so the crease is in its proper place, then iron over the washcloth.  DO NOT use this technique on natural fibers such as cotton or wool.

Vinegar will remove certain stains from fabric. Use it on sugar based stains, coffee, tea, wine and most grease.  For grass stains, make a paste with a small amount of baking soda and brush the affected area, then launder as normal.

Around the House

You can use it to remove stickers from dishes and other smooth surfaces.  Just saturate the sticker with vinegar and let it soak the residue away.

If you have rings on your furniture left from not using coasters, mix some vinegar with olive oil and buff the area clean.

To keep fresh cut flowers fresher longer,  combine 2 tablespoons vinegar with 1 quart of water and one teaspoon of sugar.  Mix well.  Your flowers will stay fresh and perky.

You can deodorize your garbage disposal by freezing a tray of vinegar ice cubes.  Run the ice through the disposal to freshen and sharpen the blades.


When your pet has an accident on the carpet, blot it up with paper towels.  Pour a small amount of white vinegar into the spot and blot that up.  The smell will disappear.

Cats are not fond of the smell of vinegar so spray it around areas you want your cat to leave alone.

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Editor’s Note:  We originally published this article in August 2013.  We have edited it for freshness, accuracy and comprehensiveness.