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Today is National Hamburger Day, Yum!

There is Nothing Better Than the First Hamburger of the Season

When the daffodils finally bloom and the azaleas and dogwood are in their full glory, the weather turns warm and it’s time for the first cookout of the year.  What better day to consider this than National Hamburger Day?  Of course you can always make a hamburger on your George Foreman grill during the winter, but it is not the same.  The simple hamburger is better on the grill outdoors.

Some Twists on the Simple Hamburger

Some people are purists and just want a plain old hamburger with ketchup.  But if you are willing to think a little outside of the box, you can take the hamburger to new heights.  Rather than slapping a slice of cheese on top of the burger, crumble up some blue cheese and form the hamburger around the cheese.  The result will be a melty center of goodness!  Instead of boring ketchup or mustard try sriracha sauce or guacamole for a Southwestern taste.

A Hamburger Needs All the Extras

To me,  the perfect accompaniments are potato salad and baked beans.  My favorite recipe for potato salad comes down to me from my mom.  It’s the simplest version of the summer favorite.  Boil red skin potatoes until they are soft but not mushy.  Cut the up (skins are optional) the potatoes into medium pieces.  For every 5 pounds of potatoes hard boil 18 eggs.  Cut the eggs up into the potatoes.  Dice two or three medium Vidalia onions to taste.  Add mayonnaise until the consistency is smooth and salt and pepper to taste.  This is a very easy, unadorned version of potato salad, but it’s my go to recipe.

For baked beans, start with your favorite brand.  Add a small amount of mustard and ketchup.  Chop up some onions and green peppers and let simmer until the burgers are ready.

Use your imagination on what to put inside your hamburgers, call your friends and enjoy the cookout!  Nothing tastes better than the first hamburger cookout of the season.