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Tips for Dealing With Urine on Carpets (Love Those Pets!)

We Love Our Pets But…

Probably about 60% to 65% of households have pets.  They are furry, fluffy bundles of energy and unconditional love.  These pets grow up with our children and in some households, take the place of kids.  When we adopt a puppy or kitten, we are taking on the responsibility of house training.  The time during that training is often difficult and challenging.  You read all the books and make sure that Fluffy goes outside as often as possible.  You train him to go to the back door to signal that he needs to go or train your cat to the litter box.  But even the most compliant dog or cat will have an occasional accident.  Sometimes the pet is trying to show some frustration by purposefully urinating on the carpet.

How to Remove Urine From Carpets

As soon as you find urine on the carpet, blot it up using a white cloth or paper towels.  Do not use colored towels or the color could transfer to the carpet, making the situation worse.  Blot until no more urine transfers into the towel.  Now, even though the urine is mostly out of the carpet, you are left with a smell.  I have found over the course of raising a total of 5 dogs (not all at once!) that white vinegar works very well.  Pour about a cup of straight vinegar on the urine stain.  then blot up the vinegar.  This should do the trick.

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Worst Case Urine Scenarios

If your lovely pet likes to pee in the same place frequently then nothing you can do will mitigate that odor and stain and it’s time to call a professional.  Use a carpet cleaning firm that is certified by the IICRC since those technicians will be the best trained on how to handle this situation.  Most likely, the urine has seeped into the backing of the carpet and into the padding underneath.   It may also have reached the plywood underneath. In that case, the carpet and padding must be peeled back.  The padding should be cut out and replaced in that area.  The plywood should be treated with professional grade chemicals that will eliminate the odor and the carpet should be thoroughly cleaned.

No matter how difficult the training period is, remember that it will be short and both you and Fluffy will get through it!

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