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Three is a Magic Number

I Think Three is a Magic Number

Good things come in threes.  Third time’s a charm is an old saying.  Then you have Three Blind Mice,  Three Musketeers and Three Men and a Baby.  Right now, Custom Maid is offering a Three Pack of basic cleanings.  This will give you the opportunity to try out our service without any long term commitment.  Buy three two hour  cleanings by a team of two  (that’s four man hours per cleaning) for $399.  This would normally be $525 if purchased separately.  This means you are saving $126.

Give Yourself the Gift of Time

With our Triple Pack, you can schedule your trio of cleanings whenever it suits you.  There is no expiration date.  You can schedule the cleanings, each two weeks apart.  Or you can have one a month.  You can save them for special occasions.   Think of all the things you can do with your new found free time  Spring is the perfect time to take a few weekends off.  Maybe a day trip to Williamsburg is what you really want to do.  Maybe just driving out to Sandbridge or the Outer Banks and being able to sit in a lounge chair guilt free is your idea of heaven.  I can tell you first hand that not having to clean my own house is a huge factor in my own quality of life.

You can use them yourself or gift them to someone near and dear.  Voila: Christmas, a birthday, maybe Mothers’ Day or Valentines Day!!

What will YOU choose to do with your “found” time?

But hurry, you must purchase your Three Pack by Valentines Day which is Tuesday February 14th.

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Editor’s Note:  We originally published this article in February 2015.  We have updated it for accuracy, freshness and comprehensiveness.