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The Importance of a Clean Tub

Tackling the Tub

Have you allowed your tub or shower to accumulate a bit of mold, mildew or just plain dirt?  Now is the time to get going and clean up the yuck.  Tub and shower walls grab on to soap scum and hold it.  Begin with the walls and work your way down to the really problematic areas.  Many tubs are made of fiberglass which is susceptible to scratching.  You can’t use an abrasive pad or chemical to clean them up.  Taking advantage of dwell time (the amount of time the chosen chemical has contact with the surface) will make things a lot easier.  I like the product called Scrubbing Bubbles for the walls of the tub or shower.  Spray down the dry walls with the product.  Let it sit for 5 minutes or so.  Then wipe down all the walls paying special attention to areas of soap scum.

Tub Floors Are a Whole Other Situation

Many tubs and showers are manufactured with textured floors.  This is a good thing as it provides traction for safety, but a bad thing because it is almost impossible to remove all the dirt.  Have you noticed that the patterned floor is remarkably darker than the rest of your tub?  That’s because the texture is holding on to the dirt.  Use a product like Soft Scrub, which is only mildly abrasive, on these textured surfaces.

The best way to tackle the discoloration is to allow for some dwell time then use a good, old fashioned scrub brush to agitate the area.  You should be able to remove all of the dirt and discoloration and make the tub floor look like new.  It takes time and elbow grease but is totally worth it.  In the future, it is a good idea to keep a squeegee in the shower area and wipe down the walls and doors following each shower.  This will keep a build up for happening.

Now lay back and enjoy a lovely bubble bath, knowing that the tub is pristine and clean!

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