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Team Cleaning is a Great Idea

Team Cleaning

These days, more and more households hire a professional cleaning company to do their routine household chores.  Many services send a team to do the cleaning.  There are differences of opinion regarding just how many people should work on a team.  Many house cleaning companies work with a team of two technicians.  There are many reasons to have two people on a team.  A home is easy to divide into two portions.  Some companies that prefer team cleaning with two people divide the house into wet (bathrooms and kitchen) and dry (dusting and vacuuming).  Another way to divide a home is upstairs and downstairs.  When team cleaning a home, it may also be divided by the bedroom/bathroom area and the living area for a one story house.  These divisions seem like a logical way to accomplish the job.

So while one team member works hard to complete her allotted portion, her partner cleans the remainder.  They stay out of each other’s way.  One specific exception to dividing duties in team cleaning is making beds.  Two people can make a bed four times faster than one person can.

Having a team of two provides more security for the team.  It also helps to keep each team member accountable.

Team Cleaning With Three or More People

Some cleaning companies use teams as large as four or five people.  The rationalization for this is that each person cleans a room and the team can finish a house in no time flat.  In team cleaning, the company tries to optimize the productivity of each team.  Certainly four people can clean a house much faster than two people can.  This idea works fine if the client is not at home during the cleaning.  However, it seems a bit overwhelming to be home when four or five people descend on your space.

Cleaning as an Individual

Some clients prefer to hire a cleaning company that sends a single technician.  This will mean that the technician will be in the home more than twice as long as a team of two.  The individual will only be able to clean one or two homes in a day.  It gets a little lonely working all alone, day after day.  One plus to recommend the one technician system is that all the work will be uniformly done.

From the customer’s standpoint, it is important the she decide which team approach she prefers before hiring a cleaning service.  At Custom Maid, we work in teams of two.  We go a step further and designate one person in each team as the team captain.  Her additional job is to double check the entire house before leaving to be sure that nothing has been missed.  Call us at 499-8568 for a quick and easy estimate.  We look forward to cleaning for you!

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