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Tao Japanese Drummers Put on Unique Show

Japanese Drummers, Tao, Phoenix Rising

We (the grandkids and I) went to Tao, Phoenix Rising at Sandler Center Friday night not knowing what to expect other than some pretty big drums.  It was a part of their Great Performances series.  The Japanese drummer troupe is so much more than drumming.  The drummers are amazingly strong and their muscles show it.  The drum sticks are the size of rolling pins and the drums are gigantic for the most part.  It is thrilling to feel the reverberations of the percussion in your chest throughout the entire performance.

These drummers could also be ballet dancers.  Each small movement they make is perfectly choreographed and done in complete unison.  There are whimsical numbers that have the audience laughing out loud.  One in particular was done with very small hand held cymbals and a pantomime of a keep away child’s game.  It was fantastic!

The drummers slide the huge drums on and off stage silently in another ballet.

It’s Not All Drummers

There are performers playing Japanese pipes, and a bit of singing which was more like chanting.  There are women in fantasy-like costumes who float around the stage.  The costumes by fashion designer Junko Koshino  are a very important part of the production.

My grandkids enjoyed this magical production every bit as much as I did so if it returns to Hampton Roads, remember that Emily gave it 4 of 5 stars and William gave it 5!