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Indoor Air: Is Yours Healthy?

Indoor Air Quality is Worse in the Winter It is the blah time of winter.  We have all had either frigid below zero temperatures, or repeated feet of snow, or for those of us who are really unlucky, both!  Cabin fever is setting in and our indoor air quality is probably at its worst level of the year.  We cannot open…

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Healthy Households Need Vigilant Cleaning

Just What Kinds of  Health Risks Are We Dealing With? You hear a lot of talk these days about indoor air quality and cleaning for health.  Cleaning for appearance sufficed years ago.  Flipping a feather duster around was about all it took to “dust” a home.  Now we know that a healthy home means totally removing certain items like germs,…

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Pollen Is Only One Form of Indoor Air Contamination

Ahhh, Spring; Ahhh, Pollen; Ahh-choo! Spring is the favorite time of year for many.  It seems that nature has reawakened.  Suddenly we go from the dark, sullen days of Winter to the beautiful, vibrant days of Spring.  The problem, of course is that all those new blooms mean pollen.  It covers the cars and the walkways.  It covers your windows and…

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