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Supplies You Need to Clean Your Home

What You Need to Clean Your Home

Do you ever wonder what the pros use to clean houses?  I’m not talking chemicals, but rather equipment.  Are you still using paper towels to clean?  They work, but that gets expensive and a professional is always looking for equipment that does a great job for not much money.  I suggest microfiber towels to clean everything from your kitchen counter to your bathroom floor.  Don’t panic.  You won’t use the same cloth for both tasks, of course.  At Costco or Sam’s Club or even your local super market, you can buy microfiber towels that are just the right size for cleaning and come in a rainbow of colors.  The colors are key since you will be color coding each room you clean.  Pick a discrete color for each room.  Use the cloths with the right cleaning chemical for each situation.  You will use a neutral cleaner (also known as an all purpose cleaner) for most tasks.  You need a disinfectant for the bathroom and the kitchen.

 Other Supplies to Clean Like a Pro

To clean hard surface floors you will want to procure a flat mop that will use a microfiber cover.  You can certainly buy a Swiffer Wet Jet mop but I find them to be flimsy and expensive.  The chemical that comes with them is sticky and does an unsatisfactory job.  You are much better off with a flat mop that you can use with your neutral cleaner (even on hardwood floors) and then wash the microfiber cover after each use.  The initial expense of buying the mop is totally worth it.

Of course the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser is great for tubs and showers and for removing sticky toddler fingerprints from cabinets etc.  Stay away from sponges unless you launder them after each use.

Use a squeegee to clean the walls of the shower and the shower doors.  Use a feather duster sparingly to keep the dust off of high picture frames and fragile pieces.  Keep all your supplies and equipment in the same place so it is easily accessed.  A bucket or cleaning caddy is the ideal place.  Then you can carry the supplies around with you as you work your way through the house.

What About Heavier Equipment?

You will want two vacuums, most likely.  Use an upright to remove dirt and debris from your large expanses of carpet.  Many uprights come with a wand and attachments but I feel like they lose suction in that mode.  I prefer a small portable canister vac for those places that an upright won’t fit like stairs, upholstery and hard surface floors.  The Hoover Port-a-Power is a champ for this task.

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