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Still Learning After All These Years

Learning Made My Recent Trip Worthwhile

I just got back from a wonderful visit to Portland, Oregon.  The reason for my trip was a conference presented by The Association of Residential Cleaning Services International (ARCSI) (  More specifically I went to continue my learning quest.  In spite of the fact that I have been in the residential cleaning business for three decades, I never stop learning new things.  The program focused on several aspects of running a business.  The fact that all the attendees own a cleaning business was almost inconsequential.  The presenters spoke of ways to deal with employees like how to put people at ease when you hire them.  I spent the day learning other things like marketing ideas.  In the thirty years since I started my business, things in the marketing world have changed dramatically.  In those days, you put a good ad in the yellow pages and sat back and waited for the flood of phone calls that would generate.  Now people don’t use a book to find a phone number.  They use their computer or their phone.  As a senior citizen, I’m not as good at that as my younger colleagues, but that is what learning is all about.

Other Things I Learned

I believe (this is not scientifically proven, just my thoughts) that the average age of people on the west coast is younger than the east coast.  Or maybe, it’s just that my friends on the east cast are older…At this conference I met business owners who are only in their 20s.  I did not have the guts or the wherewithal to start a business of my own when I was twenty something so I give these people props!  I think the trend of younger people getting into the cleaning business is great for the industry as a whole.  New ideas and attitudes. Fearlessness. Openness.  These are some of the traits that these young people are bringing to the table.

I feel sure that those of you who decide to hire a cleaning service to handle your household chores will be very pleased with the bold new world of residential cleaning and the fact that us old guys are putting in the time learning the up to the minute ideas.