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Spring is Almost Here! So is Spring Cleaning

Is Your Home Ready For Spring Cleaning?

I know it’s just a little difficult to get your head into the whole spring cleaning thing with snow on the ground outside.  But in two days we will be flipping the calendar page over to March and that is definitely spring cleaning time.  It’s time to get rid of all your fall and winter clutter.  It will no longer be necessary to keep boots by the back door.  I keep my winter coat over the newel post of my stairs and frankly it stays in the way, but is easy to retrieve when I go outside.  Now is the time to hang it in the coat closet.  It’s time to clean up the hearth if you’ve been having fires in the fireplace.  There are probably crumbs all over the hearth from the fire wood.

What is Involved in Spring Cleaning?

It’s time to wash woodwork like baseboards, door and window frames and chair rails.  That means hands and knees and some scrubbing.  Yes, spring means hard work!  Bathroom and kitchen floors may need extra attention if boots have tracked in muddy footprints.  Then there is the dusting.  It needs to be very thorough.  Each decorative item must be picked up, thoroughly dusted by hand and returned to its proper place.

In the spring you’ll want to clean out the inside of your fridge as well as the oven.

Spring is Also Time For Tennis, Soccer and Soft Ball

Here comes the dilemma.  How in the world can you finally go outside and enjoy mother nature when you’re stuck inside doing spring cleaning?  Hire Custom Maid at 499-8568 to do the cleaning for you. You know you’d rather watch your kids run around on the soccer field!