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Spring Has Finally Sprung

There is So Much to Do in the Spring

We have just come through a particularly long and dark winter.  Three or more measureable snowfalls spread across the region.  We spent more time than usual indoors since the well-below-freezing temperatures drove us back in.  When it is 20° during the day, you just don’t want to take a walk or even build a snowman.  I have always counted Spring’s arrival by a sighting of the first daffodil.  In Virginia Beach that has been as early as the end of January.  This year I didn’t catch sight of the bright yellow blooms until the first week in March.  I can’t recall a year when it has been that late.

Now that the weather has become milder, there is so much I want to accomplish outside.  Spring cleaning of my flower beds is probably top on my list.  Then there is the lawn that needs attention and I just want to go take a lovely leisurely walk in the glorious clean air.  Spring is definitely not a time when I want to be spending time indoors.

Spring is Time for Physical Activity

Don’t you just want to go hit a tennis ball (or a golf ball)?  It’s a beautiful time to take a walk or to go to the kids’ soccer games.  Spring is when we venture out to the neighborhood ice cream parlor after dinner for a special treat.  I highly recommend Bruster’s on Virginia Beach Boulevard.

My whole point here is that with the weather so lovely this time of year,  you have better things to do than be inside cleaning your house.  Give Custom Maid a call at 499-8568 and we can take that chore off your hands. While you are on the Boardwalk enjoying the warm breezes, we will be making your house sparkle!!

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Editor’s Note:  We originally published this post in March 2015.  We have updated it for freshness, accuracy and comprehensiveness.