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Spring Cleaning Time is Here

Spring is Cleaning Time

The robins are out in full force and the daffodils are blooming.  The temperatures are going to be in the 70s this week and you are opening your windows to let the fresh air in.  Now is the time to spend a whole weekend doing spring cleaning.  It’s the time to catch up on the items that you ignore or just gloss over during most of the winter.  So here is a list of the things that ought to be included in a proper spring cleaning. Wash, don’t just dust, all woodwork (baseboards, door and window frames, chair rails, etc.).  This means getting on your hands and knees with a damp cloth and all purpose cleaner to get the gunk off those baseboards.

Wash windows inside and outside.  You might want to hire a reputable company to accomplish this unless you relish the thought of climbing ladders.  I recommend  Fish Window Cleaning Company.  They can be reached at 757-499-7505.

Kitchen Cleaning

Spring cleaning in the kitchen should include inside the oven and refrigerator.  Everything on the counters should be moved, cleaned and replaced.  While you are moving all the small appliances, be sure to clean the counter underneath them as well as the backsplash behind them.  Wipe down the kitchen cabinets thoroughly.  Clean at least the edges and corners of the kitchen floor on your hands and knees.  Be sure to clean the top of the refrigerator.

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Other Spring Cleaning Details

During spring cleaning, move the heavier furniture to get behind and underneath the pieces.  If you normally vacuum your hardwood floors, damp mop them.  Turn the suction down on your vac and vacuum the draperies.  Blinds need attention in the Spring.  Take them down and wash them in the tub or outside on the deck.  Use a soft cloth in soap and water to get the build up off.  Let the blinds dry in the sun and rehang.  Use a soft cloth dampened with window cleaner to clean the glass in pictures.  Don’t spray window cleaner directly at the picture or the moisture could seep onto the art work.  Use the dusting brush from your vacuum to gently brush down all the lamp shades.

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