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Spring Cleaning Outdoors

Spend Some Time Outdoors

It may not be Spring according to the calendar, but the thermometer disagrees.  With temperatures in the 70s, daffodils are blooming, grass is growing again and we are getting the feeling that it would feel good to spend some time outdoors.  First, however, there are some tasks that ought to be completed.  First up is your deck.  It should be pressure washed to remove dirt, mildew and algae.  You can rent a pressure washer inexpensively from your local home wares store or hire someone to do the job for you.  If you decide to spend the time outdoors and do the job yourself, be very careful using the pressure washer.  It can seriously damage unprotected skin. You may also want to use the pressure washer to clean off your patio furniture and cushions.  This will work whether your outdoor furniture is plastic, metal or wood.

Once the deck is looking like new again, it should be coated with a sealer like Thompson’s Water Seal  (

Your patio umbrella should be cleaned as well.  Take it down off the pole.  If the fabric is removable, you can wash it in the laundry.  Most, however, are not removable so open the umbrella and wash it using a soap and water mixture.  Allow to dry in the sun.

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Caring for Your Driveway

Nothing mars the curb appeal of a home more than oil spots on a driveway.  There are several ways to remove these areas.  Spray the affected space with WD-40 then immediately wipe it up with an old rag which you can then discard.  Or you can try spreading kitty litter on the affected area and letting it sit overnight.  The litter will absorb the oil which can then be swept away.  You might also try the pressure washer to remove the unsightly spots.

Flower Beds Should Be Cleaned Up

During the Winter, lots of debris gathers in your flowers beds so a good clean out is in order.  Remove twigs and leaves from around bushes and plants and pull out weeds that sprung up during the cold weather.

Now, find a good book, sink into a comfortable chaise longue and enjoy the lovely outdoors!

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