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Spring Cleaning in One Day (Part Two)-Custom Maid

Spring Cleaning Made Easier

Spring cleaning does not need to take days and days.  If you are organized and prepared before you start, you can manage the whole job in a day or so. One key is to do regular routine cleaning on a weekly or bi-weekly basis.  Then all you will have to do is clean the out-of-the-way things.


For spring cleaning you will want to remove the burners from the stove, soak and scour the burner pans and clean the well underneath the burners.  If your oven has a self cleaning cycle, run it the day before then all you will need to do is a  quick wipe out.  Clean the  range hood top and underneath, using a degreaser.  Clean the hand prints off your kitchen cabinets and wipe the entire backsplash area until it is free of grease.  Vacuum the front vent at the bottom of the fridge.

Your kitchen floor may need extra attention when you spring clean.  Clean edges, corners and grout lines on your hands and knees.  (Knee pads will make this task a lot easier.)

Dusting and Vacuuming

Use a Swiffer extendable duster to search out cobwebs along ceiling line, corners, chandeliers, tops of door frames and window treatments.  Climb a short ladder to wipe off your ceiling fan blades by hand.

Use the Swiffer to dust along the tops and spines of books in bookcases.  Vacuum all of your upholstered furniture both on top of the cushions as well as underneath.  Dust all of your collectibles by hand, dust where they sit and return them to their place.  Spring cleaning is the time to open your china or curio cabinet  and dust the items inside.

Use a neutral ph cleaner like Mr. Clean to wipe fingerprints off switch plates, door edges and to wash all woodwork like baseboards, door and window frames, chair rails and window sills.

Now sit back and enjoy your sparkling deep down clean house!