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Soothing Spring Cleaning Nightmares-Custom Maid

Organize Spring Cleaning Tasks Before You Begin to Clean

Spring cleaning does not have to be terrible!  Spend an hour the day before you intend to clean getting organized.  Set out your clothing  the night before for spring cleaning day.  Loose fitting cotton pants will be most comfortable and will breathe.  Same for your top.  Have comfortable shoes set aside for cleaning day.  The most important thing to keep you organized on spring cleaning day is a carpenter’s apron.  You will find one at your local home store.  The apron will give you lots of handy pockets and loops from which to hang spray bottles and cleaning cloths.

If you have allergy issues, you’ll want to have a face mask to keep dust and other particulates out of your nose.  Goggles might come in handy for really heavy duty cleaning.  Rubber gloves are a must.

Organize your Spring Cleaning Tools

Now you need to organize all the tools and equipment you will need to do spring cleaning.  Start with a bucket then fill it with three spray bottles:  neutral ph cleaner like Mr. Clean, glass cleaner, disinfectant.  You will be cleaning with cloths, NOT paper towels.  Invest in some microfiber towels from your home store.  They actually pick up dirt and dust and remove it rather than just moving it around.  Microfiber cloths can be used wet or dry.  You will want a duster on an extendable pole such as one made by Swiffer.  A scrub brush will come in handy as will a medium size paint brush to be used on things like scroll work on furniture or ornate picture frames.

A flat mop is also essential.  This, again, you will find at your home store.  It provides a larger surface than an old fashioned sponge mop and is much more efficient as this mop uses interchangeable microfiber pads.  Last but not least you will need a good vacuum with attachments.

Now get a good night’s sleep and on spring cleaning day you will wake up and be half way there!