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Shall I Clean My House or Have Fun?

How Often Should Your House Be Cleaned?

Your house should be cleaned whenever it gets dirty or every two weeks, whichever comes first!   If you have kids or pets chances are good that your house should be cleaned on a weekly basis.  Many people these days pay a company to come and clean their home.  This is certainly a household budgetary concern.  Of those who pay for someone else to clean their home, most choose a frequency that fits the budget but does not necessarily meet the cleaning needs of the household.  The homeowner says to herself  “I will clean on the off week/or weeks when my service does not come”.  And she starts out doing that.  Then she skips a week and goes to a football game instead.  She notices that the house doesn’t look all that bad.

The Homeowner Begins to Think That Sort of Clean is Clean Enough

The problem here is that dirt, dust, pet dander, pollen and other allergens which are invisible but there nonetheless, are building up on the off week(s).  Some people say they can only afford to hire someone to clean every four weeks and then they do not clean for three weeks.  The truth is their health cannot afford to wait four weeks for those allergens to be removed.

Let the Professionals Tell You How Often Your Home Should Be Professionally Cleaned

Call your cleaning service, if you have one.  Be honest.  Tell them if you are not cleaning in between their visits.  Then ask how often they recommend, depending on what they already know about your household.  For an adult couple or single with no pets, perhaps every other week is fine.  For a family with kids and/or pets or both, weekly would be a better choice.  Otherwise you will be tied to your home on the off weekend doing the cleaning yourself.  And let’s face it, the whole purpose of hiring a professional is to rely on their expertise and so that you are “off duty” from all cleaning.

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Editor’s Note:  We originally published this article in October 2014.  We have edited it for freshness, accuracy and comprehensiveness.


  1. I’ve also though and wrote about this subject. According to most cleaning experts, people should vacuum their homes at least once per week. A robotic vacuum cleaner would extend this timeframe, but not much. The most important thing is to find proper motivation. Here are some of my favorite tips: invite a new person over to your place, listen to energetic music when cleaning, set a deadline, use the right tools (I can help you with that), motivate yourself by reading an organizing book, visit a friend’s home that you admire and last but not least, make sure every family member participates.

  2. I clean my house every Tuesday because I want to spend my weekends in a better way. On Monday I am too tired to clean. So Tuesday is the perfect day for me. Regards!

  3. I know what you mean Angela! I work a lot and I don’t have time for my hobbies not to mention the cleaning. So, I also prefer to clean during the week and the weekend is my free time for relaxation.

  4. I have three children and I should clean my house almost everyday. They are still too little to clean their rooms themselves but I will teach them how to take care of their rooms when the time comes. Thanks for the article!

  5. Valuable post. Really vacuuming with fun is really create pleasure. Remember, you need a perfect cleaner and then enjoy with song time of vacuuming. Thanks for nice post.