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Recycling is an Important Part of Every Day

Recycling Has Become Part of Your Everyday Life, But…

You and your family are now accustomed to recycling as part of everyday life.  You rinse the Coke can, crush it and throw it into the big blue can in the garage.  The newspapers form a neat pile by the utility room door until you take them out to the garage.  It has become just second nature. We have adjusted to the new reality but we can do better.  It’s not just recycling.

Do you reuse things whenever possible?  Do you bring your own bags to the grocery store? Every time I have something in my hand to discard, I think “can I recycle this?”  Do you remember to recycle toilet paper rolls, Kleenex boxes. hang tags from new clothing?  What could you do with that cardboard paper roll? Use it in some kind of school project, perhaps.  Be creative and come up with a craft project made with wooden popsicle sticks.  Make it your goal to fill your blue recycling can to the top every week.

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A (Sort of) Funny Recycling Tale

Do you remember the days before we started to use the big blue recycling tubs?  The city expected us to fit a week’s worth of recycling into a square bin that didn’t even hold all the newspapers and magazines.  And before that, we were expected to gather up our recycling and take it to a few stations throughout the city. I used to take my aluminum cans to the SPCA.  They sell the recyclables and use the money for the benefit of their animals.  Well,  Custom Maid decided to help out and we offered to our customers that if they would leave their newspapers and aluminum cans on cleaning day, we would recycle them at a local recycler that paid for the refuse.

Then we would donate the proceeds to the Joy Fund.  For those of you who do not know about the Joy Fund, it is a local charity sponsored by our newspaper, The Virginian Pilot.  It provides Christmas for kids who would not have any gifts otherwise.  One of the wonderful things about the Fund is that the newspaper absorbs most of the costs and 90% of the donations go directly to the kids  This project developed into such a hit that we went to the recycling place twice a week in two vans!  And at the end of a year, we only had collected just over $100 for the charity!  We had to discontinue the service due to too much success!!!

Make it a family project to see which family member can think of the most things to recycle or reuse.  While you are working hard at recycling, call Custom Maid to take care of your routine weekly or bi-weekly housecleaning needs.  Call us at 499-8568 and our friendly office staff will answer all your questions.

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Editor’s Note:  We originally published this article in February, 2014.  We have edited it for freshness, accuracy and comprehensiveness.



  1. It is amazing how many items can now be recycled. My kids’ school has a huge trash to cash program where they accept everything from candy wrappers to tooth paste tubes and just about everything in between! There are always ways for us to do better, but we have definitely come a long way throughout the past years.