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Recreational Gear Needs Some Care After the Summer Season

Recreational Choices: Camping


Have you spent the summer touring some national parks and camping out in your tent?  Lots of people enjoy roughing it.  Now that Fall is upon us and school is back in session, you need to extend some tender loving care to your recreational equipment.  Tents should never be machine washed or dried.  Vacuum any loose dirt from the surface.  You can spot clean a tent with warm water and a soft sponge.

Put it in the bathtub if you camped out in the mud and it really needs cleaning.  Never use a detergent to clean your tent.  You can buy special tent cleaner from a recreational store.  Otherwise vegetable soap or soap flakes will do the job.  It is ok to use a soft bristle brush to clean the fabric.  Once the mud is removed, then rinse the tent until the soap is totally removed.  Pitch the tent and leave it up for several days until it is totally dry. Apply Scotch Guard or other water repellent before storing the tent away.  Never put a tent away damp or mildew will grow.

Sleeping Bags

Your sleeping bag must be taken care of carefully.  Check the tag on the sleeping bag for cleaning instructions.  If you cannot use the washer and dryer then you can hand wash it in the bathtub.  Use a soap that does not contain detergent.  Gently squeeze the soap into the sleeping bag.  Then  rinse thoroughly until there is no soap left.  You can probably use the dryer on a gentle setting.  Put a tennis ball in with the sleeping bag to fluff up the filling.  You can also hang the bag on a line, especially on a nice breezy day.

Recreational Choices: Biking

four different type of golf clubs, isolated

A bicycle requires  periodic cleaning to keep it in tip top shape.  It is ok to spray the bike off with a regular hose.  Never use a pressure washer on your bicycle.  The water will remove some of the grease and dirt that you pick up on the road.  Check with your local bike shop for a cleaner that you can use on the frame, rims, tires etc.  Use a bike lubricant to keep the drive train working smoothly.

Recreational Choices: Golfing

You must keep the grooves on the head of the club free from dirt and grass.  Use a brush specially designed for this purpose or just dig the dirt out with a golf tee.  Cleaning the grooves is something you probably do after every swing, or every hole.

After you finish your round of golf, immerse just the club head in water and use a wire brush to remove all the dirt.  Be sure to dry the head with a soft cloth.  Keep the grip clean on a regular basis by simply rubbing a cloth over it.

Take good care of your recreational equipment and you will enjoy your leisure time and the equipment will last a good long time.

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