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We Promise to Our Clients for 2017 and Beyond

Some People Make Resolutions, We Make a Promise

There are only two days left in 2016.  When a new year begins, it is customary to make resolutions.  At Custom Maid we resolve AND promise many things to our clients.

We have always made every attempt to provide our clients with the very highest customer service.  We promise to continue to treat you with respect and caring.  Our office staff and our cleaning technicians promise to be cheerful and helpful every time they interact with you.  When you hired us, we gave you a list of all the services that we will provide every time we clean.  That is our promise to you.

Every Now and Then Something Falls Between the Cracks

On the rare occasion that you might have a complaint, we promise to handle it to your satisfaction.  We will make it easy for you to let us know where we failed.  If we miss something while cleaning, we will cheerfully come back to re-clean for you.  If we break or damage something in your home, just give the office a call and we will pay to have the item repaired, if possible, or replaced.

We Promise to Fully Train Our Technicians

In the house cleaning industry, it is common practice with a new hire to send them with an experienced team for a day or two, then consider that they are trained.  At Custom Maid, we always send our new hires with a Trainer for about four weeks.  We begin orientation with a how-to video and continue with closely supervised on-the-job training.  Many of our more savvy clients ask for the training teams because they are so closely supervised.  We promise that no matter which cleaning technician comes to your home, it will be sparkly clean before we leave.

We Promise to Continue Our Education in the Cleaning Industry

Custom Maid is a proud member of ARCSI, a Division of ISSA.  These industry representatives offer up to date training on the newest cleaning equipment and chemicals.  They also teach classes in how to clean special surfaces like marble and granite.  We always stay current in the newest techniques in the cleaning industry.  Custom Maid is proud to hold the ARCSI accreditation for the past four years.

We would love the opportunity to meet with you and to show you that Custom Maid meets its promises.  Call us at 499-8568

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