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Pests Must Be Controlled Inside Your Home

Pests Are Waking Up From a Long Winter

I don’t know about you, but every Spring, when the weather warms up, the ants find their way into my kitchen.  I keep my counters clean.  I don’t store food on counters. but those little, annoying ants find their way in.  The added problem I have is that my kitchen counters are black, gray and white speckled Corian so it’s difficult to actually see the little pests unless you really look hard.  Then all of a sudden, it looks like the counter is moving!  A simple way to keep the pests from your home is to keep it clean.  Clean up the crumbs from counters and floors on a regular basis.  One possible deterrent is to use essential oils of peppermint or spearmint along the edges of your counters.

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If you decide to go with an actual pesticide, be sure to read the label directions and follow them to the letter.  These chemicals can be harmful to humans and pets if used incorrectly.  There are plug-in noise machines that emit a very high frequency sound that sends pests including spiders, running from your home but is undetectable to humans and pets, even dogs.

Rodents Are Another Story

The first line of defense against rats and mice,  is to keep them out in the first place.  Seal up holes and spaces in your home especially in the basement, crawl space and attic.  A hole as small as a nickel will allow mice to get in.  Place glue boards in obvious areas and check them at least once a month.  A pair of mice can reproduce up to 2,500 offspring in six months.  It is not safe to use poisons for these pests, as the same poisons are toxic to your pets.  Also, you don’t want mice or rats decomposing in your walls.  The smell is less than pleasing!

Termites Are Especially Destructive

Here in the South, termites love the humid weather.  They get into your walls and eat the wood.  Prevention is key.  Have your home professionally inspected annually.  Keep piles of firewood at least 100 feet from your home, not up against the outside walls.  Watch for swarming termites in the Spring.

Bottom line?  Hire a professional extermination company to rid your home of unwanted pests.  Have them inspect everywhere first, then treat for standard species.  Tell them if you have household pets so they can adjust the chemicals they use.

And remember that your first line of protection against insects and rodents is to keep your home uncluttered and clean.  IF you need help with that,  call Custom Maid at 499-8568 and we will do it for you!