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Oven Cleaning Made Easy-Custom Maid

The First Step in Oven Cleaning

Oven cleaning does not have to be a nasty, dirty, frustrating job.  The first step to take before actually cleaning your oven is to determine what type oven you have.  There are basically three types of ovens.  The first is the old fashioned conventional oven which has smooth, speckled sides when clean.  The continuous cleaning oven is also speckled inside, but the sides are roughly textured.  These two examples are not commonly sold any longer, but if your stove is older, you may find one of them.  The easiest type of oven to clean is the self cleaning oven.  These have a cleaning cycle which heats the oven up to over 500 degrees and turns all the drippings inside to a white powder which can easily be wiped away once the oven has cooled down.

Oven Racks Made Easy

Even if you have a self cleaning oven, you must clean the racks outside of the oven.  The hint from the pros that you will want to use is to place the racks inside two (2) plastic bags, take them outdoors and spray inside the bag with oven cleaner. Chesapeake Va, Chesapeake Virginia, Norfolk VA, Norfolk Virginia, Virginia Beach VA, Virginia Beach Virginia Leave the bag on the driveway in the sun for an hour or so.  When you come back, all the gunk on the racks will have melted away and you will only need to hose them off and you will have sparkling clean oven racks.

The Nitty Gritty

For old fashioned conventional ovens use any off-the-shelf oven cleaner and clean according to the directions on the can.  Wear rubber gloves to avoid chemical burns.  Be sure your kitchen is well ventilated to air out the fumes.

Continuous clean ovens are supposed to be simply wiped out, but that never seems to work.  DO NOT use oven cleaner in a continuous clean oven as it will eat the finish off.  Instead, saturate an old cloth with full strength ammonia.  Again, be sure to ventilate your kitchen.  Allow the cloth to remain in a COLD oven for a half hour, then remove the cloth and wipe out the oven.  Note: you can use oven cleaner on the inside of the glass door.

And voila! your oven is ready to take on all your baking needs for months to come.  By the way, Custom Maid is happy to add the task of oven cleaning to our regular cleaning tasks for both recurring and one time clients.  Call us at 499-8568 for more information.

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Editor’s Note:  We originally published this article in May 2013.  We have edited it for freshness, accuracy and comprehensiveness.