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My Addition is Nearing Completion

This Addition Has Been Quite an Adventure

About 9 months ago I finally bit the bullet and decided to build an addition to add a first floor bedroom, bathroom and laundry room.  After one hip replacement already, it was becoming more and more apparent that climbing stairs several times a day was not a good idea from a safety standpoint.  As my younger brother is wont to say, aging is not for sissies. I have been very fortunate in that I found a top notch contractor.  He gave me a schedule early on and has largely kept to it.  Weather and other issues have put the project about two weeks beyond the scheduled completion date for the addition.  That means that my plans are now butting up against the builder’s.  I’m having furniture delivered today and the electrician is trying to install a ceiling fan right in the middle of the addition.  Willis Furniture just arrived bearing lovely carnations and all my bedroom furniture.

Relying on Others Has Never Been My Long Suit

Every day I get up early (not my favorite thing to do now that I am retired) to see what workmen show up that day.  The good news is that the largest amount of work on the addition was done before they broke through into my existing space, so the work could go on without bothering me.  Now we are connected so I have strangers in my home almost every day. Over my years in business, I have had many, many clients have construction done in their homes.  Some just remodeled a kitchen or bathroom and some built elaborate additions.  Then I would hear the horror stories of time overruns.  Weeks and months would go by before the project was finished.  In my case, I am a happy camper.  With the factor of winter weather to deal with, my addition is only 2 weeks over and will be complete this week.  YAY!!! (Anyone looking for a great contractor in Virginia Beach should consider Covington Contracting.)