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My Addition is Finally Finished! Home Sweet Home

 It’s Time to Fill Up the Addition

My home and I have been in limbo since the week of Thanksgiving when they broke ground for my addition.  The purpose of the addition is to put all my necessary things like bedroom, bath and laundry on the first floor.  At my age, stairs are a hazard and I have no plans on moving from the place I’ve called home for over 30 years.

I have put up with workmen in and around my property for almost four months and today it is finally over.  The last walk-through is this afternoon and then I can begin filling the addition with my things.  I can hang pictures, fill the drawers in my new furniture and bring all my clothing down from the second floor.  Actually my grandkids are going to do that for me.  It will probably take a little while before I feel totally comfortable in my new space.  I have already been using the washer and dryer on the first floor and I love it!

The Addition Has Been a Subject of Interest in the Neighborhood

I have met many of my neighbors who have shown curiosity about what exactly I was building.  I’m sure they will be happy not to be awakened at 7:30 AM to the sound of a nail gun or to dodge the trucks of all the workmen.  Sometimes, like today, there was only one small pick up truck in my cul-de-sac but other times there were cement mixers, dump trucks and assorted vans and pick ups.  I have gotten to know painters, carpenters and electricians by their first names.  I’m also sure the workmen will feel glad to move on to their next project.

The only major step remaining is grading and planting.  The aforementioned trucks have done a number on my yard and I need to put in planting beds around the perimeter of the addition.  Then I’ll be ready for Architectural Digest!