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Meal Train is a Great Way to Help a Friend

Learn About Meal Train

It seems to happen a few times each year.  Someone in your family or congregation  or neighborhood suffers a loss of some kind.  Or for some reason they are having trouble finding time to put meals on the table.  It might be a joyous event like the birth of a baby and the new mom is totally overwhelmed with her brand new bundle of joy.  How is she going to prepare meals for the rest of the family, find some time to sleep and still take care of the newborn?  Maybe there is a death in the family and that is always an event that triggers people to show up with food.  But just how many trays of lasagna can one family use?  This next one happened to me just last week.  A dear friend in another state is trying to cope with taking care of her husband who fell and broke his shoulder in 4 places.  She also has an autistic child.  I want to help, but she is a thousand miles away.

Enter Meal Train (  Luckily someone who knows my friend also knew about Meal Train.  She set up a calendar, for free on the website and people can sign up to bring dinner on a designated day.  This way there will be a variety of food.  The family can post preferences, allergies etc.  In my case, being far away, I also used another free web site called Skip the Dishes (  This is going to allow my friend to go online and find a list of restaurants that deliver to her neighborhood.  She can view the menus and tell me what to order for the family.

Meal Train Will Remind Me

On the day before I have signed up for dinner duty, Meal Train will email me to remind me that I am up the following day.  I totally love this new discovery and will surely use it in the future.  In the meantime, I am baking my famous cornflake cookies to send to the family.

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